1 good reason leasing may not be the best option

Established in 1994 Focus Leasing is not unfamiliar to the effects of events such as “The B Word” can have on the corporate world, but realistically everything can’t just stop – life in the business world must go on.  

So Focus have chosen this time to re-brand and make sure that people have one place they can discuss their finance requirements – a one stop shop if you like. 

Goodbye “Focus Leasing” and hello “Focus Finance”.

asset finance leasing

Why now? 

Over 25 years ago the focus of finance companies was on leasing as this was the best way to preserve your cash flow and get optimum tax relief but despite the marketing information put out by many others in our industry, this is now not often the case. 

With the government making a push to encourage companies to invest, the Annual Investment Allowance increased to £1m as of January 2019, and as a result the majority of SMEs are probably eligible for this. Therefore it is down to each individual business whether hire purchase or lease will be best for them from a tax perspective and we don’t want to mislead before we’ve even spoken to you with something as simple as our name! 

We have always been asked what can we fund, and we have often found that an easier question is what we can’t fund. However the word leasing conjures up thoughts of photocopier and car sales. 

Simply speaking we can fund anything that the business may need from coffee machines and IT equipment to fit out of office spaces or plasma cutting equipment – I would say the list is fairly endless. 

So our aim in 2020 is to eradicate any misconceptions such as “leasing is best” and “leasing is just for cars”, and focus on providing all funding requirements for our customers from invoice finance to loans and everything in between. 


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