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finance solutions for your modular cabin

Focus have worked with KC Solution since 2014, offering finance solutions for all different types of customers.  

Over this period Focus have built a strong working relationship with KC Solution, whilst helping a huge range of clients benefit from the modular buildings that they can offer, without being restricted by a pre-defined capital budget.

Whether you are a new business or a large company we have facilities to suit your individual requirements.  Not all businesses are the same, and we speak to every one to understand their exact needs and provide a bespoke solution to achieve these.  

Finance is available to non regulated customers which includes limited companies and larger partnerships.

agreement types

The type of finance that will be most suitable will depend on a number of factors. 

These will include the annual capital expenditure for the business and whether it is VAT registered. 

We would always suggest that requirements are discussed with the company’s accountant to determine which option is best.  We are also happy to speak with them to answer any questions they may have.    

lease rental

lease rental

VAT payable on each rental - Various options to retain the asset at the end of the lease - Accounted for as revenue expenditure
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hire purchase

hire purchase

VAT payable up front - Option to purchase fee with last payment - Accounted for as capital expenditure
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the process

Once you have decided your requirements, it is a very simple process for you.  We realise that you will have many decisions to make and other demands on your time.  We arrange everything in the background, keeping you updated where required.

you contact kc solution with your requirements

Get in touch with KC Solution to discuss your exact requirements.  They will provide you with a quotation.

obtain finance figures

Contact us for a bespoke illustration and to ask any questions you may have.

you confirm you wish to proceed

Tell us your preferred finance term and we will advise what information we will require from you. 

we obtain credit approval

As soon as we have credit approval we will issue a formal acceptance.  We will then send you the agreement to sign.  At this point you will also pay any deposit due under the finance agreement directly to KC Solution.

you review and sign the documentation

We are of course here to answer any questions you may have.  Once received we will notify KC Solution that everything is in place.

kc solution process your order

KC Solution will liaise directly with you regarding a delivery date.  Once delivery has taken place, we will be in touch to confirm this with you.

your agreement is activated

We arrange for KC Solution to be paid and your agreement activated.  We will still always be on hand to answer any questions you may have. 

benefits of asset finance

Focus can offer you a finance solution for every requirement, from a few desks and chairs, to a £1m fit-out.

We cover the whole of the UK and have facilities to suit all of our customers, from start up ventures to PLCs.

Asset finance is often used instead of outright purchase, as cash is king when it comes to the health of a business. Even the most profitable companies cannot survive with insufficient cash. 

Managers have to ensure they have enough cash to meet their day to day needs, their expansion plans, and reserves to fall back on when business slows down or plans don’t work out.

The modular cabin can be delivered without the need for any capital expenditure. The cash can then be used where it will produce the best return, such as in investment, operating activities or short term funding needs.

Keep existing banking arrangements, and credit lines free for more appropriate uses. Our finance facilities cannot be withdrawn like overdraft facilities.

Our finance payments are fixed for the whole term avoiding the effects of inflation and making cash flow forecasting and budgeting simpler. Bank facilities are generally related to interest rates, which is fine when they are low but can cripple cashflow when they increase.

You pay your employees monthly; you wouldn’t pay all of their salaries years in advance!  A monthly payment is far simpler to justify, and can even be broken down to a cost per employee per week or month.  Have a solution at today’s prices paid for from tomorrow’s income.

Rather than being restricted by capital expenditure budgets, specify what you really need.  If you were going to phase the project, you may benefit from cost savings by completing in one go. 

By utilising the right type of finance for project you can maximise or accelerate your tax relief.  We will guide you through the options available.

Finally, with Focus Finance you can expect prompt communication and a minimal amount of paperwork.

frequently asked questions

If you have any questions we welcome phone calls or emails and will be pleased to help.  However we realise that your time is precious and before you know it another day has passed and you have not had the time.

Some of the most frequently asked questions and answers can be found below.

We can provide finance solutions without the need for any deposit, or if you wish to lower your regular monthly repayments you can of course pay a deposit.

Our minimum term is 12 months, and maximum term length is 60 months. 

This will depend on a number of factors including whether the business is VAT registered, cashflow and how much has been spent on equipment in the financial year. 

This depends on many factors including project value, length of time trading, and publicly available information.  Our aim is to make finance as simple as possible, so will only ask for information if it will aid an approval. 

We are happy to provide indicative figures over the phone or by email.

The total costs will depend on the length of time the business has been trading, preferred term and any deposit being put down.

There are no up front fees payable to Focus for arranging a facility.

There is a documentation fee payable to the funder with the first payment, and this is typically £150.00.

End of term arrangements will depend on the facility most suitable for you. 

Details of all fees will be clearly stated on any documentation issued to you.

You would be able to settle the agreement at any point throughout the term, however all rentals remaining under the agreement will be due. 

Typically there is a small discount for settling early.

Please get in touch with us in whichever way suits you best.  Pick up the phone, send us an email, or complete the form below.  We are happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with some finance illustrations in confidence and without obligation.

finance your cabin

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