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If you have explored the rest of the site before arriving here you will know about asset finance, vendor finance and invoice finance.

This section covers the remaining types of business finance we offer our clients.

Every type of finance has its place depending on your requirements at this moment in time. 

Focus have worked with a vast range of businesses since 1994 and are always happy to discuss where you are on your journey and make suggestions of solutions that could assist you.

We love understanding our clients’ businesses and providing solutions to suit their individual needs.

business finance

is business finance right for me?

In general the answer is yes.  Business finance enables growth and in turn profitability.

The problems arise when the wrong type of business finance is chosen or a business is over extended.

It is vital that the correct type of finance is chosen for the correct purpose.  This is why general “business finance” is the last type of finance we mention. 

There is no point having an unsecured loan to purchase an asset.  You will achieve better terms using asset finance.

It would also be more prudent to use invoice finance rather than overdraft facilities to  bridge the cash-flow gap between invoicing and receipt of payment.  

The facilities mentioned below can be useful additions, are easily arranged and can help you business continue to prosper.


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business finance facilities

We can provide a loan for your VAT bill, from £25,000 up to the current tax liability, repayable over a 3 month term.

We can provide a loan for your corporation tax bill, from £25,000 up to the current tax liability, repayable up to a 12 month term.

We can offer loans to professional firms for any purpose from £25,000 with repayment term from 12 to 60 months.

We can offer commercial loans from £5000 for terms up to 36 months.

You can receive an advance against future credit and debit card takings.  There is no fixed finance term, you simply repay a pre-agreed percentage of future takings, meaning repayments match future income levels.

If you have assets such as vehicles or machinery that are not on finance, we can refinance these for you to raise capital for other purposes.

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We have published this message as the payment that has been collected from you has nothing to do with our company. We are an asset finance company in Hampshire, we do not collect direct debits from any customers and only deal with businesses.

We receive many calls about this, as we have a similar name to the company that is collecting these direct debits. The company responsible is Focus Finance and Marketing Limited. Their website is below, however they do not answer their phone or respond:

Our understanding is that bank details are being obtained from people unknowingly, or on the pretence of providing a loan, and this is a fraudulent company.

We would therefore request you contact your bank to report this and ask them to escalate to their fraud team and stop further payments from being taken.

Please also report Focus Finance & Marketing Limited to:

Financial Conduct Authority
Information Commissioners Office

We are now at a point where this is impacting our business, so we are also doing everything we can to get them shut down so your help would be appreciated.

Please feel free to copy the above message to provide to your bank.