“Full Expensing” & what it means for you

Full Expensing

The Spring Budget 2023 delivered few surprises, and there were certainly a few significant announcements that will impact SMEs.  A clear push to encourage investment saw the introduction of a new capital allowance – Full Expensing. Full Expensing, much like the Super Deduction, is a capital allowance brought in to help encourage investment into business […]

How to beat rising interest rates

blue piggy bank

Interest rates have been a hot topic amongst press and the media during this year.  All too often we are hearing of yet another Bank of England base rate increase, resulting in the highest base rate in 14 years!  Of course, this is having a great impact on everyone, from those with mortgages and personal […]

Slipping through the cracks


Are you one of the businesses who feel you have been ignored and “slipped through the cracks”? Many will agree that the government are doing a fantastic job in times that are completely unknown to all of us. Offering as much support as they possibly can to ensure that once this is all over UK […]

5 apps that make working from anywhere much easier


We have all been thrown into a completely new way of living, and that is in both the home and work life. It will take time to adjust to this huge and literally overnight shift, but there are certain things that will make this easier. The main thing that means that we can continue to […]

Internet – a faceless business?

internet or craving the human touch

In this day and age, each and every one of us has the world at our finger tips. We can find out anything we want in just a few clicks, thanks to the internet. I think we will all agree, without the internet we would be lost. We have become heavily reliant on its overwhelmingly […]

0% finance – is it worth it?

free lunch

No such thing as a free lunch is something we are all so familiar with in every walk of life, but particularly when it comes to business. So why is 0% finance rearing its head in a bid to help close sales? Well firstly the obvious positives from your customer’s point of view: From an […]